Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Creative Craft

My fiance and I recently decided we would have an assortment of Jello shots at our wedding to replace some favored mixed drinks (margaritas, lemon drop martinis, appletinis and strawberry daiquiris to be exact)

I started researching unique ways to display them and came up with tons of cupcake stands. Next thing I knew I was shoulders deep in DIY cupcake stands like the one found here. Well my creative juices started flowing and here is what I came up with...
 Here is my 3 tiered Jello shot display stand. I went for a more simplistic look so that the Jello shots would really be the stars in this piece.
Our colors are red, black and white/silver so this stand worked perfectly for us (not to mention it will be able to hold all 125 shots)

*you could also use this idea to make your own super creative cupcake stand*

Here is a picture of the support bases of each stand.

The diy for this stand is pretty simple.
First I picked out 3 different sized plates.
 (you could of course do this with as little as 2 plates or as many as you can imagine)
Then I took 2 decorative candle stick holders and glued the top and bottom to the top of the larger plate and the bottom of the medium sized plate and so on.
I would say that this is not a dishwasher safe craft but be my guest to attempt it.

This creative craft cost me a total of $12.69 (including tax) and about 2 sticks of hot glue.
The best part? I found every piece of this idea at my local Goodwill.

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