Wednesday, March 21, 2012

CVS $40 Gift Card Challenge

What its about: CVS has a wonderful ECB (extra care bucks) program. Each week CVS offers ECB for qualifying purchases. A lot of times these items are free or MM (money makers) after ECB!

The Plan: Every Friday I will post my CVS shopping plan then execute the plan on Sunday. After I have shopped Ill report back here with a photo, break down of the transactions and gift card, ECB and total details.

Want to join in on the fun:
 Joining in is simple. Youll need only a few things.
1) a CVS ECB card. You can walk into your local CVS and sign up. It take a few quick seconds and your ready to go!
2) A Green Bag Tag and Reusable Bag. Each time you bring in and use a reusable bag instead of a plastic store bag CVS gives your $0.25 (earned every time you have used your green bag tag 4x) but you need the green bag tag in order to keep track of your reusable bag uses. The green bag tag can be acquired at the store as well. For every 4 times you use your green bag tag you will get $1 ECB just for being green!!!
3) A Printer. A printer can be quite important in getting coupons that will help you get free stuff at CVS.
4) Coupon Inserts. In short, you cant coupon without coupons! Make sure to always get your inserts(I get 6 per week)!
5) The last and final step, report back!!! We wouldnt be anything without you wonderful fans so feel free to follow along then come back here and post pictures and details of the great trips you have at CVS too!

*note* I will also be registering my CVS ECB card here to earn special offers and promotional coupons. I also registered for The Beauty Club. For every $50.00 in beauty I accumulate (before coupons) CVS will give me $5! Sign up for The Beauty Club here

So ready to get started?


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