Thursday, March 22, 2012

CVS Advisory Panel Sign Up!

If your not a CVS Advisory Panel Member now is the time to sign up!!! 

Every once in a GREAT while CVS will send out opinion surveys to its members. Compensation for taking the survey? Extra Care Bucks!! In the 4 months I have been an advisory panel member I have received two surveys. My first one was just my opinion on the visual aspects of CVS brand baby wipes vs nation name brand baby wipes. I gave my honest opinion on a short (I think it was about 30 multiple choice questions) survey and they compensated me with $5 ECB!

And I just got another offer (they send them by email but do not spam you) that is HUGE!
First, I had to take a survey to determine if I qualify for a 5 day in home study. They want me to test out 3 products and write a review on them. 
Just for taking the qualifying survey I earned $2 ECB ( this will be added to my $40.00 CVS gift card challenge) and if I am selected to partake in the 5 day in home study not only will I be mailed the 3 products to test and review but they will send me a $50.00 CVS gift card for my time!!!

Time for you to sign up? I think yes! Here is the link. Make sure to have your CVS ECB card # ready!


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