Couponing For Beginners

Here I will show you all the need to know about couponing to get you started.

First lets start with how couponing will benefit you and your family.
  • No more quick runs to the store because you ran out of shampoo
  • No more going over the monthly grocery budget
  • And of course, NO PAYING FULL PRICE!
If this sounds like what your looking for then you have come to the right place!
The first step to couponing is getting inserts and getting organized.
Youll need a coupon binder or small filing cabinet dedicated to coupons.
I was the type to clip through my coupons and organize into a coupon binder. I would discard any coupons I figured I wouldnt be able to use.. BOY was I wrong! I found myself wishing I had gotten rid of that coupon numerous times because it went on sale at rock bottom price or came up free. I decided to switch to a filing cabinet to prevent ever missing out on good deals. However you choose to sort is your decision to make but heed a word from the wise, never throw out an unexpired coupon!

Here are the pictures of my coupon binder, categorized alphabetically by product name and my filing cabinet (which I now use) cateorized by insert date. Newest to the front, oldest to the back.

Below I posted some coupon terms that you might be unaware of
RP- Red Plum, a Sunday coupon insert
SS- Smart Source, a Sunday coupon insert
PG- Proctor and Gamble, monthly coupon insert
$/$- a dollar amount off a total amount
BOGO- Buy one get one free
BOGO50- Buy on get one 50% off
GM- General Mills, A occasional Sunday coupon insert
WYB- When you buy
IP- Internet Printable
RR- Register Rewards, in reference to Walgreens store reward program
ECB- Extra Care Bucks, in reference to CVS store reward program
OOP- Out of pocket
CAT/CATALINA-  A coupon that prints along with you receipt
OVERAGE- When the price of a coupon exceeds item amount, the "overage" or extra coupon amount can be applied to your remaining till total
STACKING- Combining a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon, this is ideal for excellent deals!

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