Thursday, April 5, 2012

BzzCampagne is looking for people to try and review Garnier!!!

If you havent signed up for BzzAgent yet now is the time!!! 
BzzAgent is an awesome company based solely on finding the right people to test the right products!

Its pretty simple to get started.
Then head on over to the Surveys link and get started!
BzzAgent is a NO SPAM kind of site and they don't sell your information, EVER.
All you have to do is take the surveys (they are all short, I promise)
And BzzAgent will do the rest, matching you to the perfect campaigns!

Right now BzzAgent is looking for people to test a new line of Garnier products, a new Pepsi and Gourmet Frozen Meals.
Hurry on over and sign up, fill out those surveys and watch your email for offers!
Also, make sure to LIKE BzzAgent on Facebook!

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