Monday, January 9, 2012

Great deal 1/22 on Coke 12pks (all varietys) @ CVS!

Its soda season (think Super Bowl) and I'm seeing a great deal at CVS the week of 1/22!

CVS has 12pk Coke cans on sale 2/$5 and its also part of the spend $30 get a $10 CVS cash card. Unfortunately there is a limit of 4 :( BUT (here comes the good news) I called my local CVS who informed me that they would allow me to exceed the limit if I placed a special order for the Coke. (limits are generally placed to avoid selling out)

So here is where the great deal comes in

(12) 12pk Coke cans @ $2.50ea
Total: $30.00
Earn a $10 CVS gift card

That breaks down to $1.67 per 12pk or $0.14 per can!!

Note: You should probably call your CVS to double check. Im a frequent flyer at my CVS and place a lot of special orders.

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